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First stable release is published. Main reason is to make the dependencies for the Effort library stable. Still missing key components like index access modifiers. Changes:

  • Support for binary key
  • Cascaded delete
  • Completely refactored data manipulation engine
  • Unlimited tuple key size
  • Simplified services
  • Various bugfixes


I have created an automated nightly build feed for Effort and NMemory:


I am going to create releases more frequently. However, only major milestone will be published on the CodePlex download site. For the most recent builds check NuGet instead.


Beta-4 release is published.

  • Implicit outer and inner join logical optimization
  • Stored procedure parameter verification
  • Initial docxml


Beta-3 release is published.

  • Bug fixes
  • Added NotNullableConstraint


A new beta release is published. Notable changes:

  • Multifield relation support
  • Dynamic relation builder
  • Explicit transaction API
  • Shared stored procedure (database instance independent)
  • Internal redesigns


Tutorials are added.
Codeplex site is published.


The CodePlex site of NMemory has been created.
Beta release published on Codeplex and NuGet.

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